Ten Reasons to Have Your Carpet Cleaned All Year Round

As the cold days and early nights has swept across Cheshire this month, we tend to spend a lot more of our time inside. As you spend more time getting cosy in the lounge, you spend more time indoors and more time around your carpet. Carpet cleaning becomes very important. There are a whole host of reasons why you shouldn’t just leave your carpets until they look really dirty every five years, and why you should make sure your carpets are properly cleaned at least twice a year. We have listed below the top ten reasons why carpet cleaning should become a mainstay in your household.

  1. One of the main factors is that it maintains the life of the carpet. Think of just how much a carpet costs to lay and fit within the house. It’s not that cheap. Regular carpet cleaning can protect your carpet for significantly longer, and make sure your investment is protected.
  2. It maintains the quality of the air indoors. Carpets have the ability to trap pollutants from the air, however with regular cleaning these are removed to make sure the air you and your family breathe is of better quality.
  3. Overall the carpet becomes easier to maintain. If you leave the carpets for too long the soils within them become dry and harder to remove. With regular professional cleaning most soils are removed and it becomes easier to maintain the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.
  4. It removes more spots and stains. If you don’t remove these, it’s easier for them to attract more soils. So by removing them the carpet becomes easier to maintain and it’s generally cleaner.
  5. Regular cleaning prevents the build up of bacteria that can be unhealthy for you and your family.
  6. The appearance of any room is drastically improved with a cleaner carpet. Think about cleaning the whole room but you still have a big stain in the middle of the carpet. This becomes the focal point, and a regular clean prevent this and make sure you live in a home that you’re proud of.
  7. The look and feel of the carpet is fresh and clean. There is nothing like the feel of a fresh and clean carpet against your feet, and the longer you can continue that feeling the better.
  8. Regular cleaning prevents the risk of having dust mites and bed bugs make a home in the carpet. There is nothing worse than having tiny animals living beneath your feet.
  9. The carpets warranty is maintained. Most carpet warranties require carpets to be cleaned within a specific amount of time once it has been purchased.
  10. You’ll be happier for it! A clean carpet means for a happier less stressful house, so that you can enjoy the time you spend at home.

If you’d like further information about this, you can find it at WebMD.

Carpet Cleaning

One product we’ve personally used before is Rug Doctor (see picture above). Having cleaned our carpet a number of times this was found to be one of the quickest and easiest ways to do it, along with providing very clean carpet at the end.

Who’d of thought there would be so many benefits to cleaning your carpet on a regular basis! Once you read through these, you may want to go ahead and book for a professional carpet cleaning company to come and clean all of the carpets in your house!


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Why Business Owners Need SEO

Search engine optimization (often referred to as SEO) is a method used to boost rankings on search engines. Search engines include Google, Bing or Yahoo for example. SEO is often considered for your business website, but can be used for a number of other assets such as YouTube videos, Facebook pages and so forth. When considering the entirety of your assets online SEO can be used to increase and improve your web presence. It’s not uncommon for a business to own the top 5 positions for a keyword within the search engine!

The advent of mobile has also changed SEO. Think about how Apple has changed the world we live in with the introduction of the iPhone and iPad. Phones and tablets allow users to interact with search engines in a way which they weren’t previously able to do. This has changed the way websites are built and viewed, and it’s now better for websites to be mobile friendly. Google have advised they won’t even show websites that are not mobile friendly in mobile search.

We also have social media that has affected the way in which search engine optimisation works. The advent of social media sites have also really changed the way we interact with the internet. The number of socials shares that a page and a website receives also has an impact on the SEO metrics.

So as you will be aware, the internet and the way we interact online has changed drastically over the last few years. This means that the way in which SEO works and the metrics you need to consider when improving your online presence is constantly changing. So when considering your SEO strategy it makes perfect sense to consult with an SEO agency such as EJF Media who specialise in online marketing for SEO Cheshire.

Google and other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms and so using an SEO agency makes sense. If you have a website that was built ten years ago that you have not really updated, that will no longer be good enough. SEO will have moved on by then and competitors would easily be able to come along and beat your rankings. When running an SEO campaign there are a number of things to consider. This includes website analysis, keyword analysis, link building and link earning, on site and off site optimisation, content strategies and social strategies. We’ve outlined some of these for you in a bit more detail below:

  • Keyword analysis – this is a review of what keyword or phrases your prospects are likely to use within Google or other search engines to find your company. If you understand this, you can optimise your website to ensure that it ranks highly for those terms.
  • On site optimisation – this refers to the way you setup your website to change where your website will appear on search engines. It includes making sure that meta descriptions and meta tags are relevant, understanding keyword placement and analysing the keyword density.
  • Content strategy – this refers to the planning and delivery of usable content. By adding new content to your website and aiming for this to be shared among users and social media sites, this will feed Google the right signals to show your website is current and popular.

So as you can see, there is a lot of consideration and factors that need to go into planning an SEO campaign. A good example of an SEO company in Cheshire is EJF Media – www.ejfmedia.com. So if you’re looking for SEO services in Cheshire then it’s recommended that you visit their website and get in touch today!

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